Monday, September 14, 2015

Veena Maharaj Dattatreya Parvatikarji

A rare picture of Veena Maharaj (1916-1990), one of the greatest Nadayogis and Musician Saints of modern times, who lived for most of his life in the holy pilgrimage-center of Badarinath situated high up in the Himalayas, playing his Veena and singing to Bhagavan Vishnu. He hardly ever spoke to anybody. He was a maestro of Rudra Veena (which he is holding in his hands) and some of his extremely rare musical recordings were made as part of a UNESCO project.

Swamy Dattatreya Parvatikar lived in the premises of Badrinath Temple of The Himalayas and hardly spoke to anybody. He was a nada yogi and was an expert in sitar, vichitra veena, rudra veena and swarmandal. Due to his expertise on veena recital, he was fondly called as veena baaba by his spiritual followers.

Swami Dattatreya Rama Rao Parvatikarji (1916-1990), is seen hereplaying his 'Brahm Vina', as he calls it, at the Badrinath Temple. He said it was the only one left in existence and that he had to help in the making of it himself, getting several strings added to the lower side (like a harp). It had a truly mystical sound. Swamiji would be here during the entire season that the presiding deity resides in Badri Nath Dham.

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